April 29, 2008

Tribes 1 Physics, Part Four: Explosions

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Explosions (or more accurately, knockback), the final piece to the physics puzzle! If you implement all of the previous articles, make a disc launcher, plug in the apparently simple knockback force and radius from baseProjData.cs, and finally attempt to disc jump, you will be greeted with… a nice and wimpy boost. Playing around with the knockback force will only break explosions in new ways. Argh, you were so close! How could Tribes possibly screw this one up? (more…)


April 11, 2008

Tribes 1 Physics, Part Three: Collision

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This article covers the collision physics of Tribes 1, i.e. attempting to actually move the player and what to do when the player runs in to something. This is the most convoluted part of the physics and requires a lot of little touches to get right. Tribes movement and collision handling actually gets a little too low level, so I won’t be able to show exactly how it works (it gets down to dealing with the raw triangle lists which I don’t think all collision detection systems will let you get at), but it will be detailed enough so that there will be no major differences. (more…)

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