July 9, 2008

The id Tech 4 Script Compiler Sucks Hard!

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Whoever did most of the work on the id Tech 4 Script Compiler, I’m calling you out! I’ll grant that you managed to write a major component of a successful commercial engine, but… it’s just so bad. What confounds me even more is that all of the engines after DooM III did almost nothing (effective) to try and fix it: If you check out the Quake IV, Prey, and ET:QW SDKs, they all have the same basic compiler with a couple things bolted on. The ET:QW guys did do a bit of work on it and tried to speed it up a bit, but “glacially slow” doesn’t seem like much of an improvement on “geologically slow”.

I first noticed how bad it was when I was doing the ET:QW -> Tribes stuff and started playing around with the scripts. Being so use to Tribes style scripting, two things hit me right off:

  1. You have to exit the mission and recompile every script if you want to update a script you just edited. Ok, pretty annoying, but I’m just playing around so it should get easier.
  2. On my AMD64 3200+, recompiling was “damn slow” (~20 seconds) in Release mode and “I’m going to read a book” (~60 seconds) in Debug. Issue #1 just got a lot more annoying.

How did they manage to develop on this for longer than 10 minutes before going crazy, let alone create an entire game? Apparently I was the first to get fed up enough about it, so I went to check out the compiler and see if I could find any hot spots.



April 14, 2007

UTF-8 Conversion Tricks

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UTF-8 is a wonderfully simple encoding format with some very nice properties, but the juggling required to convert to UTF-16, and UTF-32 can be a little tricky and fairly easy to do poorly. This is further compounded by the various error conditions you must keep an eye out for, such as overlong encodings, reserved ranges, surrogate markers, incomplete sequences, and so on.

These are a couple tricks you can employ to hopefully keep the conversion fast and robust.


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